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BIO 591 - Bioethics, Policy, and Law Journal Club  (1-3 credits)

Jason Robert

Prof. Jason Robert is offering BIO 591 - Bioethics, Policy, and Law Journal Club (1-3 credits) - on Tuesdays from 11am-12pm during Fall 2006. The Journal Club is an opportunity for discussion and debate of scholarly articles (or, for more advanced students, of their own works in progress), with participants from the Bioethics, Policy, and Law Program, the Consortium for Science, Policy, and Outcomes, and other relevant units. Enrolled students will each select 1-2 articles for presentation (depending on enrollment), and then lead the discussion on at least one occasion; this is the minimum level of participation, to earn 1 credit. Students interested in enrolling for additional credits will negotiate individual study plans with Prof. Robert. As appropriate, and in consultation with the students, we may invite special guests to attend particular sessions.


No special background is required, though we must assume some familiarity with basic issues in and approaches to bioethics. Remedial resources will be made available, as required. Students may select articles from just about any area of bioethics, policy, and/or law, including biology, biotechnology, environmental science, gender and science, medicine, and public health; articles may be from the philosophical, social scientific, policy, or scientific literature.


Please contact jason.robert@asu.edu for further information, or for the schedule line number.


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