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BIO 591 - Research Ethics

Karin Ellison


Have you wondered whether it was right that your name was listed on a publication or left off of one?  Or, whether the way a colleague manipulated an image with PhotoShop was appropriate?  Research ethics will be a small graduate seminar devoted to the discussion of these kinds of ethical issues in scientific research.  Students will learn to identify ethical issues in research and think critically about them.  Each class session will include the discussion of an actual or illustrative case.  Topics covered will include:

    • Publication practices, authorship, and peer review
    • Research misconduct (falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism)
    • Use of humans and animals in research
    • Conflicts of interest and commitment
    • Data management, sharing, and ownership
    • Research collaborations, including the mentor/trainee relationship


Questions?  Email the instructor, Karin Ellison, at karin.ellison@asu.edu




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