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POS 598 (49462)/PAF 598 (74199)/HPS 598 (See Dept.)

Fall 2005

The Role of Experts in the Policy Process
Thursday, 1:40pm - 4:30pm

Nursing 327

David H. Guston

THE ROLE OF EXPERTS IN THE POLICY PROCESS: Technical experts are pervasive in contemporary policy making, and yet the scope of their involvement and their formal and informal roles are rarely scrutinized. This course explores the implications for democratic government of reliance on technical expertise in addressing public policy issues. It seeks to convey an understanding of the processes and institutions through which both expertise and public perspectives are incorporated into public policy, and it aims at discovering ways to improve those processes and institutions. The course takes an ecumenical approach with respect to both political institutions and substantive policy areas. Thus it serves as both a specialty course for students from various disciplines interested in the particular problem of experts in the policy process, as well as a generalized resource for other students interested in the application of expert analysis in environmental, health, social, economic, and science and technology policy.

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