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Science the Endless Frontier 1945-1995
Learning from the Past, Designing for the Future

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The Conference Transcript is divided into Parts I, II, and III (by conference date).

Conference Highlights

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Part I.
 1)   Understanding the Bush Legacy – Jonathan Cole
 2)   Understanding the Bush Report – Harvey Brooks
 3)   Completing the Bush Model: Pasteur’s Quadrant – Donald Stokes
 4)   Chalk or Cheese?: Ends and Means in Science Policy – David Hart
 5)   Show Me the Money: Budgeting in a Complex R&D System – David Robinson
 6)   Two Cheers for Democracy: Science and Technology Politics – Bill Green
Part II.
 7)   Universities: Costs and Benefits on the Academic Frontier – Donald Kennedy
 8)   Federal Laboratories: Understanding the 10,000 – Barry Bozeman
 9)   Technological Change: Connecting Innovation to Performance - Nathan Rosenberg
 10)   Health: The Devil of a Problem – Nathan Rosenberg
 11)   Health Care: Coping with Consolidation – Kenneth Shine
 12)   International Cooperation: What’s in it for Us? – Eugene Skolnikoff
 13)   Social Sciences: Shunned at the Frontier - Susan Cozzens
Part III.
 14)   Toward a National R&D Policy – Peter Eisenberger
 15)   Beyond the Endless Frontier – Michael Crow



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