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What is it like to be a former center of international commerce and political power, next to the now globally known city of Dubai? ... While in Dubai, references to Sharjah usually were prefaced by ‘it’s a much more traditional and conservative place…’  We wondered what this really meant.

A few years ago while attending an engineering education conference in Lima, Peru, entitled Engineering for the Americas, I was struck when the opening speaker (who was from Microsoft) used Tom Friedman's book The World is Flat to set the tone for the meeting.

The same week that we listened to a lively conversation on the compatibility of religion with science at the CSPO Rightful Place of Science? Conference in May, my 5th grade son was playing (complete with a powdered, curly wig) Sir Isaac Newton at his school’s Living History Museum project.
As we walked through the relatively new and extremely inviting Yaku Museum of Water in Quito, Ecuador, we were struck by the lack of visitors, this late winter morning in the middle of the week.  Where were all the school buses full of elementary age children with their teachers?
As I sat this past January in my hotel room at the base of Tungurahua volcano, listening to her active rumblings, I was both fascinated and apprehensive.  It gave me a new perspective on the purpose of our trip to Ecuador.  What do children in Tungurahua Province need to know about science?

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